5 Station Crescent

All too often property searches throw up dishonest representations for house hunters; here at Miru we’re changing that by showcasing property in an honest light.

Every house has it’s own unique character, let people discover that in an honest way.

We recently created a 3D model with a couple that had completely transformed their new home. When they first purchased their two bedroom bungalow it was a derelict mess, however fast forward 9 months and through blood, sweat, and tears the owners finally moved into their little bundle of joy. Miru was brought in to help showcase the transformation of this redevelopment project

At Miru we designed this model to be a full walk through experience of the property that would give the consumer a true sense of the area. It was important to demonstrate how clever interior design can lead to great utilization of space.

We know that space can sometimes be limited with bungalows, but here the owner’s inspiring choices of fixtures and décor have given this home a spacious, fresh feel, which is well reflected in the 3D model.

Our planning and capture teams worked closely on this project to ensure we captured the vast amount of light that feels this house. The bright refreshing light that fills this property is such a strong feature it was vital for us that this was reflected in the final model. It’s this teamwork and synology that ensures we deliver the high quality results and ultimately what truly sets Miru apart.

We feel it’s imperative that our models produce the most immersive experience for our viewers, especially when it comes to real estate. House hunters are looking for more than just images when in search of a place, they what to experience an area and get a feel for what its like. As you can see, this is an experience Miru can provide.