Mangetout is a popular grill and smokehouse located in the centre of Southend. We’ve worked with Mangetout to showcase their unique rustic atmosphere, which has proved to be a huge hit with diners.

Bringing the experience to life.

Since moving to a bigger space in 2015 Mangetout as quickly established itself as one of the most popular restaurants in town. This reputation isn’t just down to it’s amazing smokehouse food, although that is a big part of it, but also due to it’s unique ambience and dinning experience it offers customers. It was our job at Miru to bring this atmosphere out within a 3D model.

As on all projects our planning team was given the task of devising a thorough blue print for tackling this project. Mangetout has a fair sized floor space for a restaurant so the first objective was to plan a route that would capture the property and give us our core structure. The team went in and worked with Mangetout to develop a capture plan and arrange the plot points. By working in this collaborative way with the client we’re able to guarantee that every model truly captures the heart and sole of a business.

One of the key features that Mangetout were keen to showcase in their Miru model was the intimate dim atmosphere of the restaurant. This could have been a challenge for the capture team, as low light historically doesn’t mix well with image capturing. However this is a great example of how our versatile technology can get produce brilliant results even in the most challenging environments.

Working with Mangetout has been a pleasure from start to finish for all at Miru. The project has seen a good mix of ideas from both sides, which has produced an end model that really showcases the unique space. It’s been a brilliant example of how we, the Miru family, enjoy working with our clients in a collaborative way to generate the highest quality results.