Aimee Hair

Working with Aimee Hair has been a delight. Our aim was to highlight the endearing shabby chic interior design as well as its signature two floor design that truly sets this salon apart.

Giving your company personality. A shop is more than bricks and mortar; it can be the underlying character of a brand.

Aimee Hair is the perfect example of how a space can reflect the personality of a brand. Since opening on the Leigh Broadway in 2014, Aimee Hair has become a popular hairstyling salon not only for it’s extremely talented stylists but also in part due to the chilled environment the salon finds itself in. It was our job at Miru to bring out the personality that is reflected in this space with a 3D model.

A key feature of this space is the natural light that floods into the salon. Our team made sure they utilized this feature during the planning stage to ensure the model had a fresh clean vibe that reflects the space. Unlike most hair salons Amiee Hair is rather unique as it’s set across two levels, this gave our planning team the task of showcasing areas on multiple floors, challenge that we took on and delivered.

From the finished model the seamless transition between our planning team to our capture team is evident and this is a key part of Miru’s service. With years of image capturing experience our team was able to showcase the key features of this space with great results. However this didn’t come without it’s own challenges. A hair salon naturally features a large amount of mirrors, which is far from ideal when working with laser technology. Both the planning and capture teams had to design a strategy that would eradicate any interference from such an environment. It’s this skill and technology that sets Miru apart.

Aimee Hair was a great partner to showcase the abilities of what we can do with Miru. They trusted our ability to bring their business to life, and bring out the personality of their salon. At Miru we understand that there’s more to your company than first meets the eye, we’re here to bring that out and help you grow your business.